CubeSat Transmission Module

A CubeSat is a miniaturized satellite usually measuring 10cm3. It has the ability to carry a variety of payloads in a very small package. For the Puerto Rico CubeSat project we have the following requirements for the Telemetry, Tracking, and Communication (TT&C) Subsystems: data rate should be approximately 1Mbps, maximum weight of the TT&C subsystems should be 0.218 kg, maximum power consumed by the transceiver and receiver and the data command and handling of the satellite should be less than 2.2 watts and frequency of the satellite should be in the S band.

We propose the Adaptive Radio Technologies Firehose Communications System transceiver as an alternative because it complies the required features. This system has a 1 Mbps average downlink rate for a 2.5m dish, weighs less than 160g, has a ½ watts radio frequency output power. A patch antenna should be utilized with the transceiver. Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) appears to be the best modulation method for the satellite data transfer. The satellite should have a GPS module to enable accurate tracking of the satellite’s orbit, and allow acquired data to be correlated to a location.

Our project will emphasize in the CubeSat transmission module, which is responsible of all the satellite’s communications.

Note: This abstract was created following the guidance provided by Dr. Lizdabel Morales-Tirado.