The objective of the ground station is to make possible the communication by receiving data of the satellite and sending commands to it. The minimum necessary hardware in a ground station is:

  • Antenna – for receiving and transmitting electromagnetic waves.
  • Radio – to receive and transmit data.
  • Computer – for data handling and for decision making.

Hardware Specifications


  • Able to operate within the chosen frequency band of the radios.
  • Able to withstand the weather conditions at the location of the ground station.
  • Able to operate with signals in the radio amateur band (433-438).
  • An estimate 15dB antenna gain.


  • The operating frequency band have to be around 437 MHz
  • A minimum 50 W transmitting capability.
  • Must be controllable from the ground station main computer.
  • Frequency scanning, automatic frequency control and adjustable squelch level.

These specifications can be used as a guide for our ground station model for the CubeSat.